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International goals we base on in our projects

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Paris Climate Agreement

What is


Development, Research, and Monitoring of Social and Ecological Dialogues Association, shortly TEDGA, is a non-governmental organization where individuals believe in a society in which it is impossible to separate humans and nature from each other. TEDGA creates projects for the people to live under a free, equal, and just society, by deciding with common sense, for the need of the people. TEDGA prioritize to increase human welfare by innovative systems and to support a society where everyone has a voice.

About us

As the Development, Research, and Monitoring of Social and Ecological Dialogues Association (TEDGA), we have come together as an interdisciplinary team to address local problems with international solutions. We aim to produce internationally viable, social, and technological innovation projects for the benefit of society, by using the experiences that we gained in the private sector.

      Society and nature must be studied and researched as a whole. The destruction of nature to affect the first is human beings and the society in which they live. Cultural and social collapse speeds up.

The optimum way to prevent this collapse and develop healthy counter-measures is through accurate and impartial observation and research. Projects and pieces of training that will be developed within these principles, will produce sustainable and productive results.

      For this reason, solutions should have been found against all kinds of problems belonging to nature and society as a whole and these solutions should be implemented quickly.

Ongoing and

Upcoming Projects 


We direct our many projects by the requests from you; we carry out works for the problems ignored, and people whose voices are not heard in society.

Tüm Eller

How can you help us?

Produce projects with us and actively be a part of the projects. Let's move forward together with common sense to turn problems into solutions.

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You can access the current newsletter here, you can subscribe to follow us.

Who are we

TEDGA targets diversity as an NGO. Get to know our team who believes that human and nature are one.

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