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TEDGA advocates that nature and society are a whole and should be examined together. It values the ideas of individuals that will trigger the dynamics of the society and guides to bring them to life. It supports the projects of non-governmental organizations, organizes collaborations with local administrations and the private sector for new project ideas.


Article 1

  1. The name of the Organization shall monitor, Development, Research, and Monitoring of Social and Ecological Dialogues Association (Toplumsal ve Ekolojik Diyalogları Geliştirme Araştırma ve  İzleme Derneği) henceforth referred to as “TEDGA” or “The association”.

  2. The Head Location of the association is Gölbaşı, Ankara, Turkey. Upon resolution by the directors, the association may move its headquarters to any place in Turkey, and create branch offices on the places where it shall deem necessary for implementing its activities and the achievement of its goals both in Turkey and abroad. 

Article 2:

The purpose of the association, and the subjects, formats, and field of activity for the realization of this purpose

1 Main Objective of the Association: Identifying, investigating, and monitoring social and ecological problems and phenomena, sharing the results for the benefit of the public, carrying out projects by these outputs, and creating a sustainable structure.


1.1 The Association shall work, to develop dialogues to solve the problems between individuals and individuals, individuals and institutions, and/or institutions and organizations living in that particular country, regardless of languages, religions, races, genders, sexual orientations, ages, disabilities, political opinions, and other differences. Moreover, it provides research, monitor and support about internationally protected groups, and share their results with the public.

1.2 The association, while improving the cooperation of stakeholder individuals and structures in solving environmental problems, shall work on: environmental problems, water, air, soil pollution, animal rights, and the destruction of habitats; effects of these problems on the local society; cause-and-effect contexts; usage and dissemination of renewable energy resources; and technological and socially innovative projects.

1.3 The association shall develop and document sustainable constructions, activities, investigations, and researches to help the healthier and more accessible improvement of the correlation between human and nature correlation.

1.3.1 TEDGA shall work to inform and raise awareness for its target groups to enjoy their basic human rights about domestic and international legislations,  create domestic and international projects, and publish publications.

1.3.2 The association shall create and apply projects, and conduct scientific research on psycho-social, linguistic, cultural, environmental, artistic, technological, and economic to determine, highlight and solve the problems of its target groups as mentioned in article 1.1 and 1.2 

1.3.3 TEDGA shall take part in project calls organize events and Track attendees in these events with the local governments, other NGOs, and national and international bodies that have similar purposes with themselves. Also ensures the budget of grant-based projects to be used sustainably according to its purposes.

1.3.4 The association shall provide monitoring and research support to non-governmental organizations working on environmental problems and cultural dialogues.

1.3.5 TEDGA shall take an active role in technological and social innovations and take initiatives to solve the problems of the country and the priority topics of the organization in international projects.

1.3.6 TEDGA shall conduct and ensure to be conducted theoretical research on the major areas of interest of the association, also ensures that these researches are carried out and recognized together with local and foreign academic units.

1.4 The association aims to carry out theoretical and practical studies to overcome cultural differences, enables individuals from different cultures to come together to establish a dialogue, to understand each other and their rights, to introduce their language, religion, race, customs, and traditions, and to interact with different groups; and aims to reveal the effects of individual, culture and environment interaction.

1.4.1 TEDGA aims to strengthen the relations of priority groups with the society, to raise awareness, and to implement projects that build bridges between cultures and lifestyles.

1.4.2 TEDGA shall conduct projects and activities aimed at reducing the situations that create indignation in society by investigating the causes and reasons for human rights violations arising from gender inequality and racial differences

1.4.3 TEDGA shall carry out awareness-raising activities based on children's rights, to identify and monitor the nature of violations of children's rights socially, and shall raise awareness of the public by creating projects on these issues.

1.4.4 The association shall help to create mutual communication and to help them understand each other better with the groups that are separated from social life (immigrants, minorities) to create mutual understanding.

1.4.5 TEDGA shall research and introduce the cultural diversity that exists in the society that has not been investigated before for various reasons.

1.4.6 The association shall raise awareness by disseminating the results of previous researches from digital and traditional media by organizing them in a way that every segment of society can understand.

1.5 TEDGA shall create projects and conduct events for economic, realistic, and sustainable solutions to local and international ecological problems, shall raise awareness for the solutions of environmental problems, and shall spread this awareness to different cultural groups. Also, The association shall propose solutions to the problems that arise from the cultural differences in animal rights and animal abuse, create projects for these solutions, and bring innovative approaches to these problems by using technological and theoretical outputs.

1.5.1  TEDGA shall combine the traditional agricultural methods of different cultures with modern methods and spread these methods.

1.5.2 The association: shall produce national and international projects on recycling and renewable energy;  carry out innovative studies; organize educational activities with local people about the renewable energy resources that are compatible with the properties of the region; make recycling a part of the culture by recycling-related projects; work on waste management and cycle processes; creating projects with the local government on these issues.

1.5.3 TEDGA shall produce projects and organize educational activities with municipalities and non-governmental organizations on animal rights and animal husbandry, and shall monitor and inform them about technological developments of the topic.  Working on how traditional animal husbandry of some cultures can progress with contemporary techniques within different cultures.

1.5.4 TEDGA shall raise awareness in society by organizing theoretical and practical information and technologies on ecology in a way that the society can understand.

1.5.5 The association shall produce projects related to climate change and monitor climate change by collaborating with the private sector on climate change.

2 TEDGA shall aim to organize courses, seminars, conferences, and panels related to the aims of the association; providing all kinds of information, documents, and publications required for the realization of its purposes; by creating a documentation center, to announce the works of the organization; publishing newspapers, magazines, and books, and to publish and produce digital content to achieve its goals; creating monitoring reports for other non-governmental organizations related to the subject, produce audio and visual works, and publish them; attending fairs, festivals, scientific conferences, and international projects.

2.1 The association shall provide a healthy working environment for the realization of the purpose, The association shall provide all kinds of technical tools and equipment and fixtures and stationery materials.

2.2 The association, by taking the necessary licenses, carries out fundraising activities, and accepts donations from Turkey and abroad,

2.3 TEDGA can establish and operate economic, commercial, and industrial enterprises in order to get the revenues needed for the realization of the aims of the organization.

2.4 The association can establish a club, an education area, and social and cultural facilities for its members to benefit and enjoy their leisure time, organize dinner meetings, concerts, balls, theater plays, exhibitions, sports competitions, excursions, and other events

2.5 TEDGA can purchase, sell, rent, rent out, and establish proper rights over movable and immovable properties needed for the activities of the association.

2.6 If deemed necessary TEDGA can establish a foundation and/or federation, and join an established federation, for the realization of the purpose.

2.7 The Association can carry out international activities, to become a member of associations and/or organizations abroad, collaborate, or co-operate with these organizations on a project basis.

2.8 TEDGA can develop multi-dimensional co-operation with similar purpose associations, employee/employer unions, and professional organizations to itself to achieve the purpose of the association, to receive financial aid, can to provide financial aid to institutions suitable for its purposes.

2.9 If deemed necessary for the realization of the purpose; Without prejudice to the provisions of Law No. 5072 on the Relations of Associations and Foundations with Public Institutions and Organizations, can carry out joint projects with public institutions and organizations in the fields that fall under their field of duty.

2.10 The Association, within the national and international legislation, to achieve its purpose, can produce and carry out projects with institutions such as; the United Nations, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the European Union, the Council of Europe, the European Commission, and the OSCE.

2.11 TEDGA can establish funds to meet the needs of the members of the association, such as food, clothing, and short-term loan needs with other goods and services.

2.12 TEDGA can open branches and representative offices where it is deemed necessary.

2.13 Within the areas not prohibited by law, TEDGA can create platforms to achieve a common goal with other associations, foundations, unions, and similar non-governmental organizations related to the major purpose of the association.

2.14 The association can organize and take part in cultural and artistic activities at the national and international level to raise awareness within the areas related to the association.

One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between Man and Nature shall not be broken.

-Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy


We adopt the principle of partnership and polyphony. We aim to bring people and organizations from every field together. We work together for the advancement of society, using numerical data and research.

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