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Act Now Take Action

In our previous post, we have briefly talked about climate change. In that post, it is mentioned: what climate change is? What are the main reasons? What are the possible consequences? Similarly, today we would like to focus briefly on what could we do to prevent climate change. As mentioned before the biggest reason why climate change has accelerated, is the human intervention that is caused by cutting forests, and using high carbon emissions, and fossil fuels. Currently, humanity has the technology to counter these, there are safer options than fossil fuels such as wind, solar, water power to generate electricity. Moreover, to reduce carbon emission there are technologies that use electricity instead of fossil fuels, of course, those are not enough, to consume that electricity more consciously and not to overuse any resources are also crucial in that matter. The only decision that humanity has to give is to decide whether or not to take any action towards a cleaner future: Do we ready to change some of our daily habits, do we want to plant more trees to restore forests that have been cut because every small thing is helping to restore nature. As C. Nunez indicated in her national geographic magazine article “Restoring forests already chopped down in Brazil, for example, could draw about 1.5 billion metric tons of CO2 out of the air[1].

[1] Nunez, C. (2021, May 3). Global warming solutions, explained. Environment.

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