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Climate Injustice

What is going to happen when the icebergs melt? The coastal regions and islands will face floods and they will submerge beneath the water. The question is, Are they really responsible for this? No. The melting of the icebergs is the direct result of climate change and Climate change is a direct problem for humanity as a whole. The problem of melting icebergs will be just one of the many disasters that we may face in the future. But as mentioned before the melting of the icebergs will affect coastal regions and islands more than any other part of the world. A problem, which is caused by some, will completely affect different people who are not the cause of that problem. Moreover, that inequality is not only visible on the large scales as mentioned, but it also can be seen within the same city. It is clear that in the same area where a disaster struck, different groups experienced disasters at different scales. This is called Climate Inequality and mostly indicates that the least responsible communities are affected more by the disasters that are caused by climate change. Climate inequality is a vast topic that affects and will affect the lives of different people according to their socioeconomic classes, genders, ages, and education levels. All of the studies on the issue are showing that disadvantaged groups are affected more by climate change. As UNDP exemplified from Africa, women are generally are more vulnerable to climate change than men because they are generally poorer, receive less education, and less involved in the decision-making processes.

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