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There is no planet b

“This year is hotter than the last year” is a common utterance in Turkey; this utterance is mostly being said without any scientific proof, usually these kinds of unproven claims came out wrong. Unfortunately, not this time. Every year the Earth has been facing hotter average temperatures. This is mainly one of the consequences of climate change. Climate Change happens when greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide (CO₂), cover the atmosphere and prevent the sun radiation to leave the earth. This trapped radiation starts to heat the greenhouse gasses and that heat affects the yearly temperature averages. There are several reasons why this has happened and it is mainly because of Humans. Cutting forests to use the land for other things, huge dependency on fossil fuels, and increased emissions of greenhouse gasses are just a couple of the most important examples. The biggest problem that climate change will create it will affect our lives completely. Even today we are witnessing its devastating effects in out of pattern rainfalls, wildfires, and many more. If humanity won’t do something to reduce global warming those devastating effects will be intensified, increased sea levels may destroy coastal cities, drinkable water will be scarce and some islands will be completely submerged. Unfortunately, Climate change may cause our earth to be unlivable.

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