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Climate change is a fact of our era and it is clear that it will affect our future somehow. It has been mentioned how humankind is going to be affected by climate change in previous posts. This time we would like to focus on how climate change will affect us through the water. Perhaps climate change’s most powerful strategy is attacking us through the water. Water is the most important natural resource that is needed by humankind and its most important uses are for irrigation, cleaning, drinking. In the long run, all three usages of the water could be determining factors for our species. Even today we can feel the effects of climate change on irrigational water, it is a fact that even international organizations are trying to solve the problem of irrigation, and it is an important problem to solve because without it we can’t grow any crops and it may cause famine. The second and most obvious consequence of water shortage means less water to drink, it is a fact that the human body consists of mostly water and we constantly need to replenish the water that we are losing. If the lost water has not been replenished that would create health problems. The third critical usage of water is the issue of using water as a cleaning agent, through our history, water has been used for both cleaning ourselves and our food, it is still the biggest prevention method against many diseases. A possible scarcity of water will increase the effectiveness of the diseases that are prevented by the water. Water is the key component of human life and it is a fact that the most devastating effects of climate change will hit humans from there.

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