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What is Dialogue? Why it is important?

Dialogue is a communicational exchange between two or more people. Etymologically the word’s origin was Greek and its part meant dia (across, Between) and legein (speak).

There are many uses of the word.

The first usage of it is to describe how characters speak in a play, movie, or novel.

Second, it is a philosophical genre that investigates a concept through a conversation generally by asking questions and answering them. And thirdly it is a practice that can be implemented in various settings such as learning. One of these settings and perhaps the most important usage of dialogue is in terms of understanding between humans. People may solve their problems or misunderstandings just by communicating what they are feeling and thinking. Of course, there are some rules to this kind of communication Participants must be willing to understand the other participants, willing to explain their culture, be civilized, and open to constructive criticism.This usage of the term is called intercultural dialogue and indicates a willingness to understand each other's cultures.

Through dialogue, people from different cultures can find common ground, understand each other, and may take a step to solve why they were prejudiced against each other.

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